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Earl Spitsnogle


Earl is a semi-retired farmer from Odell, Nebraska.  He recently had to cut down a couple dying black walnut trees from the farm, which led him into harvesting quite a selection, including a couple trees over 200 years old.  All live edge walnut is hand crafted through a labor-intensive process.


In high school, he did quite a bit of woodworking and won some awards for a bedroom set he created his senior year, thanks to his shop teacher Mr. Jim McCartney.  He said when starting his walnut business, it all came back to him like it was yesterday.

Earl is creating all different types of live edge walnut tables, some with the bark on and some without.  There are others that make live edge, but he possesses some of the finest figured and colored black walnut in the world, with a variety of dining room, conference room, coffee, and end tables, as well as benches, mantels, desks, etc...  

To inquire, please contact Earl though email or by phone.


Phone:  402-766-3726 or 402-806-7354

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